Chapter 6: Tips for a Great College Experience

Study Spaces:

Tired of studying at Library West or the Marston Science Library? Try these other libraries instead:

  • Architecture and Fine Arts Library: Looking for a quiet nook to study (or nap)? Located within the UF Fine Arts Complex, on the second floor of Fine Arts Building A, this library has several bunk-cubicles, making it great for independent studying or doing homework.
  • George A. Smathers Library: Popularly known as Library East, the Smathers Library is located right next to Library West. It has a quiet reading room (called the Special Collections Grand Reading Room) as well as a Latin America and Caribbean Collection, the Judaica Suite, and more.

Leisure Courses

If you’re interested in learning a new skill, you can take leisure courses at the Reitz Student Union. There are courses like pottery, ceramics, dance, bread making, guitar, and more! Though they’re not free, they’re still classes you can take for a new skill that won’t affect your GPA.

  • Registration is on August 23rd at 10 am

Game Room

If you’re looking for a place to bowl, play ping pong, or shoot pool, the Reitz Student Union has a Game Room. Located on the ground level of the student union, the Game Room allows you to come in and use their facility or to reserve a portion of the room for a group.

  • There’s a low daily rate every Monday.
  • Wednesdays are Wild; check out the website for the special discounted fees.
  • The Game Room is free on most Gator Nights.


There is free campus tutoring at the Broward Teaching Center, Little Hall, and the Chemistry Learning Center. Some (not all) of the topics include:

  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Writing
  • Accounting


Gator Aider

RTS provides transportation for you and your friends right to the stadium for football games. The Gator Aider service allows you to choose from five convenient Park-n-Ride locations.

  • It is $10 per game or $50 for the season.
  • Season passes can be purchased on game days at each Park-n-Ride location or pre-purchased at the Rosa Parks RTS Downtown Station.

Gator Lift

Gator Lift is a transportation service for University of Florida students, faculty, and staff with mobility-related disabilities. Gator Lift is a reliable and free shuttle service to accessible locations within the boundaries of the University of Florida.

  • Rides are by appointment only.


SNAP (Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol) is a free, nightly, campus safety and transportation service. It provides a point-to-point vehicular escort service that can be requested on the “TapRide” app.

Uber Safe Rides

UF Safe Rides allow you to get Uber rides for 50% off. You get unique promo codes for eligible students via its student portal.

  • Must begin and end in the zone located on the map (on the website).

File Back Up

In college, you’re going to create a lot of files, and a lot of them will be important. It’s crucial that you back up as many files as you can in case you need them later on! Here are a few great (and free!) file back up services.

Free/Discounted Software for Students

Included in your tuition is access to free/discounted software like Autodesk, Lynda, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Creative Cloud. To download these programs go to their respective websites, find the student/university section and input your student email for proof of enrollment.

Try New Things

You’re in college! This is the time for you to learn more about yourself, your environment, and who you want to become. Try things that are out of your comfort zone; after all, how will you know if you like it if you never try it? Here are a few things that every college student should do some part in their college career, regardless of major.

  • Take a speech class!
  • Take a class that simply interests you; it doesn’t have to fulfill a specific credit.
  • Join clubs and organizations on campus.
  • Try as many resources as you can. Some resources will be really beneficial for you!


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