In the beginning of Fall 2017, seven students met in a class that focused on implementing creativity into our chosen fields. This course was focused on ideas written about by Twyla Tharp, and in reading her words, we found ways to improve our own work. We explored across campus, learning about the hidden nooks and crannies that help students to succeed.  We were introduced to countless professors, advisors, and experts that broadened our minds. We taught each other about how we succeed in our fields and gave each other ideas of how to apply these techniques to our professions and passions!

It became clear to us that many of these tools and tips were unknown to students, and we felt that this was a missed chance to utilize the tools of our university. We dedicated our time to create a guide, for freshmen new to the area, to the best (in our opinion) of the Gainesville area! As we note in the disclaimer, this guide is merely our best current thinking, and solely our opinions and ideas. Then again, we hope that’s why you will read it because it was written and tested by students like yourself. We hope in your time at the University of Florida you explore some of the opportunities we wrote about, add to your own experiences, and pass on what you learn to the students who come after you!

Group Photo of the 2017 Mining Creativity Class.
2017 Mining Creativity Class: Jennifer Smith, Lauren Adler, Caroline Parkhill, Sofia Forwood, Sofi Zacarias, Safia Boustique, and Juan Beltran. Not pictured: Joey McGinn.



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