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4 Campus Resources for Teachers

Jennifer Smith

Center for Teaching Excellence

The website is the central location for information and resources for teaching at the University of Florida. The site is maintained by the Center for Teaching Excellence and provides links to workshops, articles and podcast recordings.

Not sure what you need or who can help you? Zaina Sheets is CTE’s coordinator and can suggest people and resources to fit your needs.

Academic Affairs

The Office of the Provost is home to a variety of helpful people and information.

Academic Technology

The Office of Academic Technology is part of the UF Information Technology division.  They implement and support technology for both classroom and online teaching.

Career Connections Center

One of the best ways to get students excited about your course topic is to help them see the relationship between coursework and career. The specialists at UF’s Career Connections Center can help you do that!

  • Many colleges have an embedded Career Liaison who can provide suggestions for activities, workshops and resources for your course.
  • In partnership with CTE and the Teaching Center, the Career Connections Center hosts the Teaching Portfolio workshop and review series for graduate assistants.
  • It’s never too early to help your students think about the skills they will need to succeed in their chosen profession.

Center for Online Innovation and Production (COIP)

Instructional design and course production services are provided by the Center for Online Innovation and Production. This team supports courses for UF Online, Flexible Learning, Continuing Education and Self-Supporting Programs.

Their innovative approach to instructional design includes assistance with:

  • Course Design and Build
  • Ongoing Course Support
  • Course Review and Refresh
  • Online Labs
  • Adaptive Learning
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Gamification

COIP also provides video production services including:

  • Green Screen Recording
  • Lightboard
  • Live PowerPoint Annotation via iPad
  • On-Location Video Recording
  • Audio Over Content Recording
  • Captioning Services

Please contact to request services.

International Center

UF’s International Center supports international students, exchange students and faculty international research and travel.  International students, and exchange students and visitors play an important role in the advancement of UF’s research and teaching missions. Contact Paloma Rodriguez for help with:

  • Incorporating ePortfolio elements into your course.
  • Promoting global learning through course activities and research.
  • Supporting international students in your classes.
  • Inviting international students and scholars.
  • Creating experiential learning activities for your students.


The UF Libraries have a wealth of material, both physical and virtual to support your teaching and research.

Teaching Center

UF’s Teaching Center is housed in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. They offer tutoring in math, science, engineering and business at no cost to students.


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