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Administrative Tasks

The hiring manager for your position will work with you to complete the required paperwork. As soon as you are in the system, you’ll receive your UFID number. You’ll need this number to set up email and retirement accounts.

Your department’s office manager will help you to sign up for the required training.  Things can get pretty hectic, so use the list below to make certain that you don’t forget something.  Your department (particularly in the health sciences) may require additional training.

Review the information located on UF’s Human Resources Welcome website. The sooner you can do this, the better. These details will help you to get acclimated.

Internet Setup

As soon as you have received your UFID number, visit the Identity Services website to create your GatorLink account. You will need the GatorLink username and password to access most online resources.

Select a secure GatorLink password and never share it with anyone!

Office Setup


Human Resources (HR):

Step 1: Select Main Menu, Step 2: Select Training and Development
Access HR training through

Online Training:


Create Your Syllabus

To facilitate clear communication about courses between students and faculty, the University of Florida requires departments and course instructors to make available for free for each course, a syllabus containing specific information about the structure of the course. Instructors also must submit copies of course syllabi to the departmental office to document compliance with this syllabus policy. Syllabi must be posted at least three days prior to the first day of classes.

Office Hours

Providing students with an opportunity to meet with you one-on-one isn’t just a good idea, it is required by Florida Statute 1012.945, the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and University policy.

Your office hour schedule should be included in your syllabus as well as be posted in Canvas and outside of your physical office. Keep the needs of your students in mind when you set up your schedule. Faculty who teach online courses whose students are primarily working professionals will have a better response to time made available in the evenings or weekends.

Faculty are generally expected to make two hours available weekly for each course they teach. It is a good idea to make a by-appointment option available to students with difficult schedules, but this should not be the only option.

Guidance on UF’s Office Hours Policies

Teaching Technologies

Important Information

First Day of Class Preparation

  • Visit your classroom(s):
    • Test the computer:  log in, open all files, access all software
    • If you will be using your own laptop or mobile device, test out the connections and cables
    • If you need help, contact Classroom Support  (352) 392-6683
    • Request a training session with Classroom Support prior to the first day
    • Test the microphone (if using)
  • Print out a roster of each class
    • For smaller courses, print a Photo Roster from your Canvas Course site (located in the left menu)

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