3.1. If You Make a Mistake

If you make a mistake do not stop the recording. If you cannot naturally correct the mistake through a restatement or erasing a note to rewrite, use the COIP recording notes sheet to keep track of mistakes and fixes.

Download the following document and use or print out to make notes:

Recording Notes

Make a note including the current recording time of the video if it is available and which slide you are on. Indicate how you will be proceeding to fix the mistake. When you are ready to continue your presentation say which option you will be using to proceed. Clap your hands so the video editor can see the audio spike to find the edit location.


If you don’t say something perfectly, it is all right to naturally interject something like “excuse me,” “actually,” or “what I meant to say” as if you were presenting at a conference and had misspoken. We would only encourage you to make a note if it was something that really needed to be restarted.

Options for recording pick-up include:

  • Restarting a slide
    • Example: 12 Restart 05:34 “Learning in the Digital Age”
  • Picking up from a previous sentence within a slide
    • Example: 14 Pickup 06:12 “Options on the Web” after “As you can see there are many options available to educators today.”
  • Note to be Off Screen
    • Meaning your original script had you on screen for that slide but you decide you want to be taken off screen instead.
    • Example: 22 Note 12:38 Didn’t want to be on-screen, so switch to Off Screen

Note: If you appear on screen for multiple slides and make a mistake, you should go back to the first slide that you appear on screen for and re-record all of the on-screen slides. If you don’t, there will be a jump cut where your new recording starts. Alternatively, you can ask the editor to take you off screen for the slide you made a mistake on and restart that slide.


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