Part 1: The Engineering Design Process

The Design Process & Engineering Design Process

This book teaches the engineering design process as applied to engineering capstone senior design project courses. Underpinning the engineering design process is a foundational design process, shown as a sequential flow in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1. General overview of the design flow

The engineering design process, Fig. 2, follows the flow of the standard design process but includes more detail as well as expectation to quantify and archive key decision steps so they can be evaluated objectively and revisited if needed.


Fig. 2.  Engineering design process. The green dashed line denotes the transition from design phase to production phase.

This text walks through each step in the Engineering Design Process, along the way giving concrete examples from Capstone design classes taught in the past showing how these steps were applied by students.

The first step in the Engineering Design Process is Identifying the Problem.


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