Module Format

Module Teaching Elements



Modules begin with a lecture exploring the physical properties of a particular material delivered by University of Florida Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Dr. Kevin Jones.


Required Reading

The Impact of Materials on Society: Discovering Human-Material Relationships from Yesterday to Tomorrow. Edited by: Sophia K. Acord and Kevin S. Jones. University Press of Florida: Gainesville, FL. 2016

Application Video

Short videos created especially for this course by Bruno White Entertainment that synthesize the impact of modern materials being developed by scientists from around the U.S.

Module Practice Elements


Lecture and Readings Quizzes

10 question comprehension checks given mid-module to prepare students for synthesizing content.

Application Video Analysis and 1 Page Essay

Building upon new knowledge, students explore innovative applications of various materials and respond to critical thinking questions related to specifically to each material by writing a one page essay.

Material Entanglement and Impact Paradigm Reflections

Throughout the course, students construct their relationship to each module’s material and the material’s societal impact by keeping a journal or blog with entries that include a tanglegram of that material (introduced in Module 2) and an addition to their personally created Impact Paradigm (introduced in Module 1).

Course Objectives Synthesis Exercises


Impact Paradigm Material Comparison Essay (mid-course)

Students synthesize new content knowledge and personal understanding by applying the Impact Paradigm introduced in Module 1 to a material of choice by writing a critical, synthesis essay and their developing Impact Paradigm.

Mid-course and Final Exams

25 multiple choice, true/false, matching, fill-in-the blank, short response questions to test both scientific and sociological comprehension.

Final Project: Materials Presentation

This final project is an opportunity for students to reflect upon their learning about the physical and social role of materials science and engineering. Students synthesize their new knowledge of material science and societal entanglement by evaluating their personal Material Entanglement and Impact Paradigm Reflections and creating a visual and written presentation.


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