20 Tutoring and Campus Enrichment

There are many organizations and services designed to equip students, faculty and staff with the knowledge, skills and resources they’ll need to successfully navigate the UF experience. Below are descriptions of the various tutoring and enrichment centers available on campus.

Academic Spoken English

314 Yon Hall

(352) 392-3286


The Academic Spoken English program offers two courses for International Teaching Assistant (ITAs) who wish to enhance their oral English skills in order to be competent and confident teachers and participate fully in graduate research and studies. The courses do not count toward a graduate degree, but are eligible for fee waiver. TAs are videotaped in their class or lab and receive individual feedback as well as group instruction to develop their language, cultural, and interpersonal communication skills.

Career Connections Center

Suite 1300 in the J. Wayne Reitz Union

(352) 392-1601


The Career Connections Center assists students in planning, organizing, and carrying out effective job searches. Services available include individual career counseling; seminars on resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, and job search strategies; daily walk-in hours for resume critiques. The Career Connections Center Library features over 4,000 useful books. Online services include workshops, Gator Career Link, and Job Search Assistance. Students and alumni are encouraged to use the resources whenever they need career planning and placement assistance.

Center for Teaching Excellence

201 Bryant Hall

(352) 294-3570


CTE offers an array of activities and resources to enhance teaching, such as online tutorials and face-to-face workshops, or simply the ability to connect with other TAs and faculty.

Disability Resource Center

001 Reid Hall/Yulee Area

(352) 392-8565


The Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides a variety of programs and services for students with disabilities. TAs can consult DRC staff to learn more about creating alternative methods for equitable learning.  TAs can also refer students to the DRC if they are experiencing barriers obtaining access to courses, programs or services.

Graduate Student Council

241 Williamson Hall


The UF Graduate Student Council (GSC) serves as a liaison between University of Florida graduate students, the UF administration and UF Student Government. Funded by UF Student Government and, in part, by the UF Graduate School, it is a voice for graduate-student needs, concerns and ideas, and provides a number of services to graduate students, such as travel and research grants.

International Center

170 Hub

(352) 392-5323


The International Center provides a variety of services for the more than 6,600 international students, representing over 130 countries, enrolled at the University of Florida in both undergraduate and graduate programs. Operating under Academic Affairs, these offices provide services to international students, faculty and scholars, and their dependents.

Multicultural and Diversity Affairs

Reitz Union, Suite 2203

(352) 294-7850


UF Multicultural & Diversity Affairs is a department within the Division of Student Affairs. It provides a wide range of services and educational opportunities for students. Through transformative educational experiences and developmental opportunities, Multicultural and Diversity Affairs celebrates and empowers diverse communities and advocates for an inclusive campus for all students across identities.

Office for Academic Support

Suite 311 Little Hall

(352) 392-0788


 The Office for Academic Support (OAS) coordinates support services for the undergraduate student population. In fulfillment of its mission, OAS works in close cooperation with a variety of campus groups to encourage and facilitate students’ and faculty’s successful negotiation of processes at UF. Programs include free one-on-one tutoring for a wide variety of subjects, departmental peer groups, personal counseling services, academic advisement, workshops, and presentations.

Teaching Center

SW Broward Hall

(352) 392-2010


The Teaching Center provides free tutoring and study skills assistance to all University of Florida students. Depending on the semester, private appointment and drop-in tutoring is offered.

Writing Studio

2215 Turlington Hall

(352) 846-1138


The Writing Studio offers assistance with all aspects of writing for both undergrads and graduate students. Appointments can be made with a minimum three-hour notice, or  by drop-in on a first-come, first-serve basis. Instructional materials available include texts, handbooks and workbooks.


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