Persons Most Often Mentioned in the Letters

Mr. Devall: landlord at 1108 State Street, Utica, N.Y.

MacDonald, Dorrie: John MacDonald’s sister, born in 1920.

MacDonald, Eugene: father of John. He is sometimes referred to as EA as in Eugene A. MacDonald.

MacDonald, John: born July 24, 1916.

MacDonald, Margeurite: mother of John. Known as Margie. She was the daughter of John Dann MacDonald —“Pa Dann.” Her father, was a craftsman who made cases for standing clocks, but he had other skills which must account for his having been a hunting companion of Teddy Roosevelt. He was an angler as well, and possibly a guide. Margie is sometimes known as Mrs. E.A.

MacDonald, Maynard: “Penny,” “Pen,” “Pencil”: nicknames for Maynard. Maynard is also known as John Prentiss MacDonald.

MacDonald, Nana: a permanent member of the household at 9 Beverly. She was an elderly lady, a relative, also referred to as Aunt Em.

Prentiss, Dorothy: born Feb. 18, 2011. Wife of John D. MacDonald.

Prentiss, Evelyn (Martin):  also known as Evvie. Wife of Sam Prentiss. Dorothy’s sister-in-law. Born in 1933.

Prentiss, Sam: brother of Dorothy Prentiss. Husband of Evelyn (Evvie) Prentiss.

Prentiss, Bard: son of Sam and Evvie.

Prentiss, Helen: wife of Unc Prentiss.

Prentiss, Mary: daughter of Unc and Helen.

Prentiss, Unc: uncle to Dorothy on Father’s side.

Robinson, Bill: married Dorrie MacDonald in 1944.

Van Woert, Harriet Mariah: mother of Dorothy Prentiss.


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