12 4-3-2-1 Assignment

Megan Mocko

Course: Advanced Managerial Statistics 2 (QMB 5305)


In this assignment, students watch a series of lecture videos and then complete four tasks.

  • Step 4: Summarize the lecture in 4 statements or less. Each statement should be 25 words or less.
  • Step 3: Define three words that are new to them or used in a new way in the material.
  • Step 2: List two calculations or two statistical software commands.
  • Step 1: Ask at least one question to the instructor.

Assignment Goals/Outcomes

The goal of the assignment is to have the students reflect on the new material from the lecture, start to organize the information for themselves and to open a dialogue between the students and the instructor about the material.

Assignment Setup (Instructor)

I created one assignment in Canvas and then copied the assignment for each module. The students submitted the assignment as a PDF. I also posted an example of what this assignment would look like for the first module.

Student Instructions

Purpose of this Assignment

The purpose will depend on the course.


In prerecorded lectures, it is important to make sure that you are processing the information that is being given. It is really easy to stop paying attention and focus on other things.


Additionally, I want to make sure that we create a dialog between us (student and instructor) about the material. I want to be very intentional about this discussion.

Preparing for Success

You will always have to be learning in your new careers as technology is constantly changing. When you move into your new careers, you want to establish a good note system that works for you. (I can’t tell you how many times I have gone looking for “that video” that explained a certain topic that I can no longer find. If I had established a way of storing this information sooner, I would have been more efficient with my time). I hope that this 4-3-2-1 method provides you with one method of note-taking that you can use further into your career. You will be asked to complete one of these assignments for each of the lecture days except the first day.


  • 4. Summarize the lecture in 4 statements or less. Each statement should be 25 words or less
  • 3. List and define 3 words that are new to you or used in a new way in this section of material
  • 2. List instructions for at least two calculations or two JMP commands. Copy and paste is allowed here or a note with the page number
  • 1. Ask at least one question


Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner to see the rubric.

I wrote an example 4-3-2-1 assignment for the first set of note material.

Grading (Instructor/TA)

For this assignment, the majority of your time will be spent answering the questions submitted by the students. Each students’ question should be answered in the comment section of the assignment. Additionally, prepare a document that includes the questions and answers of each student to be shared with the class.

You will also grade the assignment using the following rubric. If a student has an element that is wrong, please let them know that it is incorrect and how to find the correct answer.

The assignment was graded on a 5 point scale.

  • 5.0 pts: All elements are included and correct
  • 4.5 pts: Only a small element needs improvement
  • 4.0 pts: At least one element is missing or needs significant improvement
  • 3.0 pts: At least two elements are missing or need improvement
  • 2.5 pts: At least three elements are missing or need improvement
  • 1.0 pts: Assignment shows minimal effort and major improvement is needed

Tips and Suggestions for Instructors

  1. In general, the assignment worked well to create that dialogue between me and the students about the lecture material. However, the students felt that having the assignment for each module and the other assignments that I assigned was too much. I would recommend using this for material in which you may not already have an assessment or perhaps breaking up the modules between teams. Each team could complete 1 or 2 of these per semester and share it with the class.
  2. There are many variations of these assignments, some are 3-2-1 assignments and others are 4-3-2-1 assignments. I recommend thinking about where you find students struggling on organizing the information and use that to guide your tasks. For example, I commonly had students state that they didn’t know where to find the statistical software commands, so I wanted to make sure to include this in the assignment.
  3. The major time spent on this assignment is on answering the students question. It is great to have the questions, but it is critical to plan the most efficient way to answer these questions.

Keywords: video lectures, tasks, dialogue, reflect, organize


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