No Walls Teaching: The Book is a collection of No Walls Teaching practices that faculty at UF have shared with us. Discover engaging activities and captivating assignments that expand learning beyond the confines of the classroom and computer screen! The book provides all the details necessary for adopting and adapting the practices into your class.

“No Walls Teaching” is instruction that extends beyond the confines of a traditional classroom and the glare of a computer screen. It is an approach to teaching and learning that cultivates a sense of community among students and fosters connections between students and instructors. This is done by combining relevant content and engaging activities to create authentic learning experiences. No Walls Teaching embraces collaborative learning, experiential learning, and research techniques in a humanized setting.


No Walls Teaching: The Book Copyright © by Dr. Alyson Adams; Cady Gonzalez; Dr. Diba Mani; Dr. Julie Dodd; Dr. Linda Struckmeyer; Dr. Marina Klimenko; Megan Mocko; Dr. Rachel Yoho; Dr. Emily Bald; Dr. Lindsey Chapman; Dr. Tara Mathien; Harrison Hove; and Laken Brooks. All Rights Reserved.

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