Recording Preparation

Before you begin to record, this section shares information that will help you prepare.

Equipment Recommendation Location Clothing

Equipment Recommendation

You may be asking what equipment you should purchase for your home recording. Here are our recommendations.

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First, determine where you would like to record.

  • Find a quiet spot where you can control audio, lighting, and housemates entering/leaving.
  • Windows are not a good light source as clouds and shadows lead to uneven lighting. Close the curtains or blinds if you can.
  • If you can, turn off fans and ask any housemates not to make any loud or distracting noises.
  • Choose a table or surface that is sturdy and not wobbly or squeaky.

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What you wear can also affect the quality of your recording.

In general:

  • Avoid shirts with stripes or any tight patterns.
  • Remove jewelry that may clink or jangle.

Some points to consider are to:

  • Avoid shirts that have specific brand names or logos on them, unless the brand name or logo would support a point you are making in the recording.
  • Check how your clothes will lay when you sit and move around a little. Some times necklines will move lower or clothes will bunch more than you may prefer.

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