Video Review Criteria for Approval

In order to ensure the learner is able to view and understand the video content it is important to ensure good quality. Below are the quality checks used in the video review process:

  • General Audio quality:
    • Understandable to a listener
    • Not distorted because it is too loud
    • Not so low it can’t easily be heard
    • No echo or reverb from the room
    • Not too bassy or trebly
  • Audio noises:
    • Bumps
    • Clicks
    • Hum
    • Notification Noises from the computer
    • Ambient noise (phone, dog, airplane, air conditioner, etc.)
  • Video quality:
    • Is the video or images blurry?
    • Is the lighting on the instructor sufficient and free of shadows?
  • Video movement:
    • Is the laptop or camera shaky?
    • Is the motion in the video jerky?
    • Is the camera moving without reason?
  • Screen Capture movement:
    • Are there any pop-up notifications that show up on the screen?
    • Are there extraneous toolbars or PowerPoint menus showing? (Ctrl + H hides the menu when in Presentation Mode)
    • Are there extra bowser tabs with strange names, if you are looking at a website?
    • Is there inadvertent cursor movement?
    • Is there purposeful cursor movement that looks bad?
  • To help in the editing of the video:
    • Did the instructor need to restart a point in lecture after misspeaking?
    • Did the instructor hit record after already starting to speak?
    • Did the instructor smile and pause at the end of the video giving enough time to fade into the end slide?
    • Are transitions between slides timed out properly?
    • Are transitions between slides smooth?
  • If greenscreen is used:
    • Is the background evenly lit?
    • Is the instructor wearing something of the same color as the background that will be removed in editing?


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