Self-Recording Procedures

This section aims to provide guidelines and tips that will help during your recording.

To assist with the editing and tracking of your video:

  • After you start the recording, say the module number and lecture name or number and then clap your hands on camera loudly enough for the microphone to pick it up. This allows the editor to sync any video and audio sources.
  • When you begin and end your recording, smile at the camera for about 5-10 seconds at the beginning and end of your presentation. This recorded “padding” allows editors to use transitions and ensures that no part of your presentation will be cut off.
  • To help keep track of all the video files use, the following naming convention for each video that you record: module ##_video ##_course designation_last name of instructor. Example: In the course COI1101, the third video recorded for Module 2 would be named M02_03_COI1101_Varley


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