About the Authors

Nabil Chowdhury (class of 2022) is a senior majoring in Microbiology and Cell Science with a minor in Health Disparities in Society. He plans to go to medical school next. His favorite place to study is Smathers Library because of its antique atmosphere and inspiring collections. He is a student leader in the Bangladeshi Students’ Association and the Center for Undergraduate Research Board of Students. Nabil was particularly interested in learning about capturing student activism in the University Archives.


Ava Kaplan (‘23) is a third year Political Science major with double minors in French and Philosophy. She is a dedicated student activist working with the Food Justice UF initiative and the Goddsville Dream Defenders. She’s also on the executive board for the Hula Hooping Club. Her favorite library to hit up is Library West because of its spaces and collections, as well as its social atmosphere for collaborating with friends. Ava was especially interested in getting involved with the textbook affordability work through the libraries.



Cassidy Smith (‘23) is a junior English major with a specialization in children’s literature. She is currently interning with a literacy agency based in New York and plans to become a book editor. She loves to read, and her favorite spot in the libraries is the Smathers Library Grand Reading Room. Cassidy is also involved in UF student organizations, including Extreme Dance Company. She particularly enjoyed getting to tour Special Collections while developing the guide.




Omolola Suleiman (‘23) is a junior Biology and African American Studies double major who plans on attending medical school after graduation. She is an avid reader, and her favorite place to study is Marston because of its welcoming, social environment. Lola is a leader in student organizations including Campus Diplomats, Gatorship, and Footprints. She finds the libraries to be a comforting respite space and wants to help ensure that her peers feel the same way.



The book authors smiling at the base of the Marston "french fries," a modern sculpture made from bright yellow crisscrossed beams
The ULA students and faculty advisors with the Marston French Fries. Starting from the left is Alexandrea Glenn (advisor), Jenifer Mejia (ULA member), Ava Kaplan (author), Cassidy Smith (author), Michelle Nolan (advisor), Nabil Chowdhury (author), and Lola Suleiman (author).

The ULA Faculty Advisors, Alexandrea Glenn and Michelle M. Nolan, also made contributions as authors. In particular, the faculty authors worked wrote some parts of the Crash Course in Using the George A. Smathers Libraries section, wrote the glossary, and added supplemental information to the students’ writing throughout the guide. More information about Alexandrea and Michelle can be found on the “About the Editors” chapter.


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Undergraduate Guide to the George A. Smathers Libraries Copyright © 2022 by Nabil M. Chowdhury; Ava K. Kaplan; Cassidy Smith; Omolola Suleiman; Alexandrea Glenn; and Michelle M. Nolan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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