Visiting the George A. Smathers Libraries

10 Finding the Libraries on Campus

The six George A. Smathers Libraries are located across the UF campus. Undergrads are probably most familiar with Library West and Marston Science Library, but make sure you don’t miss out on visiting the other unique branches too. Below, maps with the locations of all six libraries are shared in alphabetical order. If you’re looking for a library and not sure where it is located, you can always look at the UF Campus Map and filter for libraries!

Architecture and Fine Arts (AFA) Library

The Architecture and Fine Arts Library, often called “AFA,” is located in Fine Arts Building A. If you’re near Century Tower, walk toward 13th Street and you will find AFA on the right side of Stadium Road. You’ll love this quiet, quirky library.

Education Library

The Education Library is located just east of 13th Street in the Normal Hall area. Entrance to the library can be found from either the north parking lot or south parking garage at Norman Hall. Walkways from both parking areas lead into the center of Norman’s buildings where the library is located. Look for the famous Education Library Tree outside!

Health Science Center Libraries (HSCL)

The Health Science Center Libraries, often called “HSCL,” are located in the health sciences area of campus on the first floor of the Communicore building. The Communicore can be confusing, so if you have trouble finding HSCL, check out the Communicore building floorplans on HSCL’s website. This library is worth the journey down the hill.

Library West

Library West (lovingly nicknamed “Club West” by students) is located at the north end of the Plaza of the Americas in the historic center of campus. The library entrance faces the Plaza. During your time at UF, make sure you explore the beautiful views and spaces in this hub of undergrad campus life.

Marston Science Library

Marston Science Library, usually just called “Marston,” is located between Turlington Plaza and the Reitz Union North Lawn. This library is one of the main spaces used by undergraduate students of all majors. Look for the famous “French Fries” landmark statue outside — you can’t miss it!

Smathers Library

Smathers Library, also known as Library East, is the oldest library on campus. It is located at the northeast corner of the Plaza of the Americas, down the sidewalk to the right if you’re facing Library West. You’ll be stunned by the beautiful, historic spaces in this library. Visit here to see archived materials before you graduate.


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