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Alexandrea Glenn (she/her pronouns) was the Student Success Librarian at UF from 2020 to 2022. Alexandrea graduated from the University of Michigan with her bachelors in 2012 and earned her MLIS from Wayne State University in 2016. Alexandrea’s research interest include student engagement as well as Privacy literacy. While working on this book, she was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and skill brought by the writers of this book. She hopes that all students who come across it leave with the knowledge that they can always look to the libraries for help.



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Michelle M. Nolan (any/all pronouns) is the Chemical Sciences Librarian at Marston Science Library. A triple Gator, Michelle received their Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from UF in 2013, their PhD in Chemistry from UF in 2018, and then became a librarian at Marston. In addition to serving as the subject specialist for chemistry research, Michelle dedicates much of their professional time to student engagement and social justice initiatives in the Libraries. Their research interests include information literacy instruction and broadening participation in STEM fields. Outside of work, Michelle spends way too much time playing video and board games. Michelle can be found at THE FEST in Gainesville every year.


In addition to authoring sections of this GuideCassidy Smith also made significant contributions as a copyeditor throughout the writing process and worked with Michelle to finalize the ebook for publication. Cassidy is a junior English major with a specialization in children’s literature. She is currently interning with a literacy agency based in New York and plans to become a book editor. She loves to read, and her favorite spot in the libraries is the Smathers Library Grand Reading Room. Cassidy is also involved in UF student organizations, including Extreme Dance Company. She particularly enjoyed getting to tour Special Collections while developing the guide.


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Undergraduate Guide to the George A. Smathers Libraries Copyright © 2022 by Nabil M. Chowdhury; Ava K. Kaplan; Cassidy Smith; Omolola Suleiman; Alexandrea Glenn; and Michelle M. Nolan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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