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1 Welcome Letter from the Cohort

Welcome to the Undergraduate Guide to the George A. Smathers Libraries – a travel guide written by students, for students!

We created this guide with the intention of introducing our peers to the many aspects of the Libraries from the perspective of current undergrad students. This guide will walk you through the basic history of every library on campus as well as the differences between them. You can get to know more about technology that can be checked out from Marston Science Library or the quiet study rooms in Library West, as well as information about the lesser-known libraries on campus. The information and knowledge gained from each individual library can be endless, and we hope that you find what you are looking for as you flip through the pages of this guide.

As students ourselves, we are aware that it takes time to fully explore every part of the George A. Smathers Libraries; we hope to make things easier by compiling all that we can into one small book. We spent the summer of 2021 exploring the different libraries on campus, meeting with library workers, and collecting information about the unique resources each library has to offer. We are excited to share with you our efforts and hope that you gain more insight as you explore the Libraries through our eyes.

Happy studying,
Undergraduate Library Advisors (ULA)
2021–2022 Cohort


The book authors smiling at the base of the Marston "french fries," a modern sculpture made from bright yellow crisscrossed beams
The ULA students and faculty advisors with the Marston French Fries. Starting from the left is Alexandrea Glenn (advisor), Jenifer Mejia (ULA member), Ava Kaplan (author), Cassidy Smith (author), Michelle Nolan (advisor), Nabil Chowdhury (author), and Lola Suleiman (author).


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Undergraduate Guide to the George A. Smathers Libraries Copyright © 2022 by Nabil M. Chowdhury; Ava K. Kaplan; Cassidy Smith; Omolola Suleiman; Alexandrea Glenn; and Michelle M. Nolan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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