Crash Course in Using the George A. Smathers Libraries

7 Exhibits

Exhibits at the Libraries

An exhibit case showing protest signs, including one with a hand drawn portrait of George Floyd with the text "Justice for George Floyd" and another with the text "We cannot rest till all Black lives are valued"
Exhibit for Black Lives at Library West displaying protest materials honoring George Floyd. (Photograph courtesy of Smathers Libraries Exhibits)

Library exhibits allow students to take a deep dive into library collections, cultural history, and much more. The exhibits are coordinated and put together by our exhibits director, Lourdes Santamaria-Wheeler. As the director, she ensures there is a great amount of exhibits to explore and learn from all across campus, especially in Smathers Library, Library West, and Marston.

The amount of times these exhibits change depends on each library and the section/floor that they are found on. For example, the Smathers Panama Canal Gallery changes at the start of every spring semester. Visit often to see what new items are being showcased.

Along with the in-person exhibits, there is a variety of online exhibitions that can be explored from anywhere.


A brightly lit, white room filled with wooden exhibit cases. A sign reads that the current exhibit is John David Ridge: A Life in Costume
The Smathers Library Gallery is the largest exhibit space in the Libraries (Photograph courtesy of Smathers Libraries Exhibits)

What Exhibits are Happening Now?

Check out the links below to take a peek at what exhibits are currently on display in the Libraries. You can also view the online exhibits any time!


Current Exhibits

Online Exhibits



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