Module 9: The Role of the Shelter Veterinarian

The Culture Fit

There is no question that shelter medicine can be both incredibly rewarding and challenging, all at the same time. Besides a great work environment, what does it take to find happiness as a shelter veterinarian? These veterinarians have cracked the code – see what’s brought them the greatest joy, how they found work-life balance, and the pearls they think every veterinary student should know.


Teamwork makes the dreamwork . . . or so say shelter directors who’ve established highly effective management teams with their veterinarians. The key to a great director-vet relationship relies on a true partnership, mutual respect, trust, and open communication. The wise veterinarian includes the director in major veterinary decisions, and the wise director includes the veterinarian in all aspects of shelter operations, because everything impacts animal health and welfare. These directors know what is takes to run a smooth ship and have sage advice for veterinary students.



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