Module 2: The Case of the Sick Puppies

The Case …

It’s Monday morning at the Local Humane Society. There is a commotion in the lobby. An adopter is at the front desk complaining that his recently adopted puppy died over the weekend. ​Staff summon the shelter veterinarian to the lobby to talk with the adopter and obtain more history about the puppy.

​The adopter stated that he only had the puppy for 2 days. The puppy stopped eating on the 2nd day and had some diarrhea. He did not take the puppy to a veterinarian because it was the weekend and the puppy was still playing with his children. The next morning he found the puppy dead. He and his kids buried the puppy in the backyard and the whole family is upset.


Puppy sitting in grass
This puppy died two days after being adopted from a shelter.


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