Module 1: Introduction

How to Use this Interactive Digital Textbook

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Some browsers don’t support all the features that our digital textbook has to offer. It is recommended to view this book using the latest version of the following supported browsers:

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You can navigate around the book in the Contents section. Clicking on the + at the right of each module title will expand the selection to list each of the subsections. The Next and Previous page buttons can be found in the bottom right and left corners of each page. Keyboard forward and back arrows will also advance the pages.


This book has a variety of interactive components, including videos, recorded presentations, hyperlinked content, flip cards, interactive multimedia, and practice quizzes. You will need a decent internet connection to access them. Even if you download the text and PDFs for reading offline, don’t forget to come back online to explore the interactive components for the richest experience with this textbook.

Color Coded Cues

Read This

Green frames indicate content from other sources, such as professional guidelines or media reports

Try This

Orange frames indicate practice quizzes

Watch This

Burgundy frames indicate interactive images, videos, and learning objectives

Want to Learn More?

Black frames indicate additional resources for further exploration
Gray frames indicate original content, such as a medical record

Need a break from the internet?

We know a good internet connection is not always within reach, but that downtime – on a plane, in remote locations, or completely off the grid – is sometimes the best opportunity for distraction-free study. In addition to reading this book online, you can download the text portions in a free EPUB or digital PDF. However, these formats won’t support the interactivities that make up a large portion of this textbook content – so plan to come back online for those.

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We are committed to keeping this e-book as pest-free as possible. You can help by submitting a bug alert. No problem is too small, including broken links, typos, or content errors. You can find this bug report link at the end of each module.


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