Module 5: The Case of the Snotty Cats

Sanitation Gone Bad

Even when shelters provide double-compartment runs for dogs, poor welfare conditions can still happen during daily cleaning and disinfection if staff are not trained on proper sanitation procedures.

Watch This (1 min)

Watch this video made during the daily cleaning and disinfection of double compartment dog runs in a shelter.


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Test Your Knowledge


The run in the video contained a male terrier mix dog that had just been neutered by the shelter vet 3 days before. The dog was chronically wet from daily contact with water from the hose and had to sit on wet surfaces for most of the day. The chronic exposure to wet surfaces caused the neuter skin incision to open up.


A wet terrier mix dog sitting on wet surfaces in its run. The dog’s neuter incision has dehisced due to chronic water exposure.


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