Module 9: The Role of the Shelter Veterinarian

Making the Right Match

The Best Job

Investigate some of the shelter veterinarian, non-profit clinic, and spay-neuter positions currently available on the following sites. As you review job opportunities, think about what characteristics you would be looking for in a job. Are the salaries competitive? Do the working conditions look attractive? Can you get a feel for the personality of the environment? Are the job duties clearly defined? Does the position appear to include progressive policies about the role of veterinarians as thought leaders in the organization? Are the pay and benefits competitive?


Finding the Right Shelter Medicine Position



The American Veterinary Medical Association Veterinary Career Center is the largest veterinary job posting site, with thousands of openings listed at any one time.  While there is no specific category for Shelter Medicine, job-seekers can search under the Non-Profit Association and Government/Military categories for private and municipal Shelter Medicine positions.


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The ASPCApro Spay/Neuter Job Board posts about a hundred spay/neuter and Shelter Medicine veterinarian and staff positions at a time.

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The Association of Shelter Veterinarians Career Center posts dozens of open Shelter Medicine positions at a time.


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The Animal Shelter site posts dozens of open Shelter Medicine veterinarian, technician, and practice manager positions.


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The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine Career Services page is a great place to find Shelter Medicine job postings and to connect with UF students who have completed Shelter Medicine training.

The Best Veterinarian

While new graduates and experienced practitioners are searching for the perfect fit, employers are also hunting for veterinarians with the right skill set and culture match to get the job done. The current shortage of skilled shelter and spay-neuter veterinarians favors the job-seeker, so successful organizations are rolling out the red carpet to find and recruit veterinarians. Nonprofit and governmental organizations sometimes have difficulty competing with the for-profit sector on the basis of salary and signing bonuses, but often have superior benefits, working hours, and on-call duties. In addition, veterinarians working in these sectors may be eligible for loan forgiveness, which can equate to a higher lifetime earning capacity.


Recruiting the Right Veterinarian for Your Organization


Cover of document Vetting your Vets

Looking to hire a shelter veterinarian? Get in line. It’s a tough market, and competition among shelters is especially steep.    Read more . . .


Landing page image for Find the Right Veterinarian for your Spay/Neuter Clinic

Overcoming old perceptions, crafting great job ads, seeing beyond the resume to the unique individual—all these are crucial components to finding just the right veterinarian for your spay/neuter clinic.    Read more . . .


Cover of document Strategies for Recruiting and retaining Spay/Neuter Veterinarians

If you’re struggling to find the right veterinarian for your spay/neuter clinic, you’re not alone. In fact, there is a growing sense that staffing may be the single biggest challenge spay/neuter programs face as they try to end pet overpopulation with all its tragic consequences.    Read more . . .


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