17 End of Term Tips

Jennifer Smith

Student Reminders | Assigning Incomplete Grades | Submitting Grades

Student Reminders

Canvas course dates are set automatically based upon the dates of the term. View instructions for changing the starting and ending dates. Once the course end date has passed, students can view the course content, but can no longer submit assignments, post discussions, or upload files. Students cannot be “added back” to a Canvas course, once the course has concluded. Remind your students to download and save copies of their work (even if they don’t see an immediate need for it! Better safe, than sorry!).

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Assigning Incomplete Grades

Effective fall of 2018,  I/N grades that are not changed within 150 days will be counted as failing.  See the Undergraduate Catalog Grades and Grades and Grading Policies. Good practice for assigning “I” grades include:

  • An “I” grade should be arranged before the final exam to allow a student to complete work after the end of the term.
  • The student must have a passing grade in the course (D- or better) at the time the arrangement is made.
  • A written agreement should list all of the requirements along with the deadline for completion.
  • The agreement should also state the grade that will be assigned if the deadline is not met.
  • Add a note to your calendar to make certain that you change the “I” grade when the work is completed or the deadline passes.

A letter grade should not be changed to an “I” unless you have made an error. This might happen if the 150 days pass and the grade becomes an “E.”

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Submitting Grades

There is a new tool in Canvas called “Send Grades to ONE.UF”. This tool will allow you to send your Canvas gradebook directly to ONE.UF for finalization.

You can still download your Canvas gradebook to use with the converter tool, or you can download a pre-converted CSV file that you can upload directly into ONE.UF.  The Export Canvas Gradebook guide can show you how. 

There is a Grade Override feature in the Canvas gradebook. This feature allows you to enter a letter grade that will override the display grade in Canvas. You can learn more about this feature and other steps to ensure your gradebook is ready to export on the e-Learning Finalizing Gradebook web page.

Canvas Gradebook Download/Converter Tool (old process)

In Fall 2018, the grading submission process was changed. The e-Learning Support team has created tutorials to walk faculty through the process.

Your unit’s Grade Coordinator is available to help you with questions you have about the new grade submission process. The UF Computing Help Desk staff is available to help you with any questions you have about the e-Learning environment, including exporting grades from e-Learning.  Please call (352-392-HELP/4357, Option 3), email (learning-support@ufl.edu), or visit the e-Learning support team in room 132 Hub for assistance.

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