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47 VoiceThread

Crystal Marull

VoiceThread (Gatorlink credentials required) is an interactive collaboration and sharing tool that enables users to add images, documents, and videos, and to which other users can add voice, text, audio files, or video comments.

screenshot of a comment on a document using VoiceThread
Dr. Crystal Marull uses VoiceThread in her online Spanish courses to promote student engagement.

Typically, an instructor creates the initial narrative slides and students then add their comments at any point in the narration. VoiceThread can be used to simulate conversations and interviews, allow users to critique and comment on interviews, and analyze a conversation for body language and other nuances such as tone of voice. In short, VoiceThread allows instructional collaboration centered on communication and can easily be added into Canvas via the “Share” feature.

For a walkthrough on getting started with VoiceThread, watch the Asynchronous Active Learning with VoiceThread workshop recording.


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