Why is Assessment Important?

We tend to think of assessment as a mechanism for determining student grades. Since grades should be a measure of learning, this makes sense. However, assessment can also:

  • Track student progress towards a learning goal (formative assessment)
  • Help shape teaching strategies and course design
  • Determine whether instruction is effective

A Practical Guide to Assessment

Dr. Tim Brophy
University of Florida Director of Institutional Assessment, Dr. Timothy S. Brophy.

Dr. Tim Brophy, Director of Institutional Assessment at the University of Florida, has developed a guide to help faculty get the most out of their assessments. Topics covered in this comprehensive resource include:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Assessment
  • Module 2: Assessment and Rubric Design
  • Module 3: Writing Items for Quizzes and Tests
  • Module 4: Test Statistics and Analysis
  • Module 5: Longitudinal Assessment of Student Learning
  • Module 6: Consensus-Based Approaches
  • Module 7: Navigating the UF Assessment System

Visit A Practical Guide to Assessment

Dr. Brophy leads the Passport to Great Teaching-Creative Assessment Faculty Development Learning Community. The Creative Assessment Learning Community is an ongoing project of the University of Florida Center for Teaching Excellence.


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