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5 Professional Development Resources and Activities

The University of Florida provides a variety of workshops and activities to support quality teaching.  The Center for Teaching Excellence works with units across campus to share development information.  Visit the website for upcoming events.  The units listed below offer workshops and training.

Center for Teaching Excellence

The Passport to Great Teaching is a create-your-own badge or certificate program.  Choose one of the three passport series:

  • Passport to Great Teaching
  • Passport to Great Teaching for New Faculty
  • Faculty Learning Communities

Details and registration can be found at > Passport To Great Teaching All of the Office of Teaching Excellence activities described below will earn passport “miles” towards a badge or certificate.

NOTE:  All CTE workshops and activities are open to graduate assistants.  Most workshops are available in face-to-face and online modalities.

  • First Year Faculty Teaching Academy
    • This workshop series supports new-to-UF instructors as well as instructors in their first three years of teaching.
    • The series requires attendance to face-to-face and online active learning workshops.
    • Additionally, faculty choose from a variety of activities and workshops to complete their certificate requirements.
  • Great Online Teaching Series (Online workshops)
    • Design a Great Online Course
    • Build a Great Online Course
    • Teach a Great Online Course
    • Each workshop takes 5 – 7 hours and earns credit towards the Great Online Teaching Badge.
  • Interface
    • This yearly teaching conference provides new ideas and networking opportunities.
    • View handouts from past Interface conferences.
  • Beyond the Podium Podcast series
    • Hear teaching tips from UF faculty.
    • Subscribe through iTunes, Spotify or Stitcher.
  • For more campus-wide events and workshops visit

UF Training & Organizational Development (Human Resources)

UFIT Training

UFIT offers a variety of face-to-face and online training and tutorials.

  • Visit the UFIT Training website to search for your specific needs.
  • Access to is available for all UF faculty, staff and students.


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