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5 Professional Development Resources and Activities

The University of Florida provides a variety of workshops and activities to support quality teaching.  The Office of Faculty Development & Teaching Excellence (FDTE) works with units across campus to share development information.  Visit the website for upcoming events.  The units listed below offer workshops and training.

Office of Faculty Development & Teaching Excellence (FDTE)

The Passport to Great Teaching is a create-your-own badge or certificate program.  Choose one of the three passport series:

  • Passport to Great Teaching
  • Passport to Great Teaching for New Faculty
  • Faculty Learning Communities

Details and registration can be found at > Passport To Great Teaching All of the FDTE activities described below will earn passport “miles” towards a badge or certificate.

NOTE:  All FDTE workshops and activities are open to graduate assistants.  Most workshops are available in face-to-face and online modalities.

  • First Year Faculty Teaching Academy
    • This workshop series supports new-to-UF instructors as well as new-to-teaching instructors.
    • The series requires attendance to face-to-face (fall term) or online (spring term) active learning workshops.
    • Additionally, faculty choose from a variety of activities and workshops to earn a certificate.
  • Great Online Teaching Series (Online workshops)
    • Design a Great Online Course
    • Build a Great Online Course
    • Teach a Great Online Course
    • Each workshop takes 3 – 4 hours and earns credit towards the Great Online Teaching Badge.
  • Interface
    • This yearly teaching conference provides new ideas and networking opportunities.
    • View handouts from past Interface conferences.
  • Beyond the Podium Podcast series
    • Hear teaching tips from UF faculty.
    • Subscribe through iTunes, SoundCloud or Stitcher.
  • For more campus-wide events and workshops visit

UF Training & Organizational Development (Human Resources)


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